Friday, 21 March 2014

Month 9 in Review

Greetings from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, AKA Saigon. Yesterday we celebrated our 9 month anniversary of travelling so here's a re-cap.
Places visited

Cambodia - Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville, Koh Rong & Kampot
Vietnam - Saigon (Guna call it Saigon as it's easier than Ho Chi Minh City)

Favourite place

Without a doubt Koh Rong. Heaven on earth, paradise, best place I have been to ever ever ever. Waking up there every morning was more than I ever dreamed of and it was soooo hard to drag ourselves away from there.

Best bits 

The KIlling Fields & S21 in Phnom Penh - although this cannot be claimed as an 'enjoyable' day out I found it so interesting and learned so much. A lot of people skip this part of Cambodia as they don't like to hear the atrocities, it is harder with it being so recent but every country has a history and I think it is important to lean about it when you visit.

Russ in 1 of the tiny cells at S21
Celebrating our 10th anniversary here in Saigon. Although we got married in June 2008 we still celebrate the anniversary of our 1st date. We spent it in a really nice hotel, round the pool, sipping cocktails and listening to music on our speakers. Later we ordered room service & watched movies online. It was a great day.

Firing an M16 in the Cu Chi tunnels in Saigon. This was optional & you had to pay but we loved it. I've wanted to go to a shooting range for years so seemed like a god place to do it. I was obviously rubbish but Russell was pretty good.

Watching the sunrise in Koh Rong was pretty special, we were the only ones on the beach & had a blanket and pillows.

Night swimming - after a LOT of drinks we ended up in the sea at about 1am in Koh Rong, it was beautiful. I don't care what Russell said, the stars were huge, all the electricity on the island had gone off so you could see them with no light pollution.

Angkor Wat - this is Russell's choice. I wasn't that impressed. It was a nice day out though and the temples were pretty good.

Siem Reap night life was ace. They have pub street which is busy day and night and lots of fun. Our favourite bar was called Angkor What?

Bad Times 

The journey from Koh Rong to Kampot. Seriously, one of the worst journeys ever.

We've both had a bit of man flu but nothing serious.

Best thing we ate 

For me it was the half rack of ribs with jacket potato from The Rusty Keyhole in Kampot. The ribs were so meaty like I have never tasted before, I went back 2 days later & had it again but with mash this time.

Also a special mention to this lemon meringue pie. Yum

Russell's fave was a tofu & bean sprout dish, also in Kampot. No picture as he just about swallowed it whole but you can probably imagine by the description it wouldn't get your taste buds tingling at the sight of it.

Coming up in month 10 - Mostly Vietnam, we go to Dalat tomorrow then to a beach resort called Nha Trang. Then it's on to Hoi An, Hue & Hanoi before flying to Singapore. After Singapore? We haven't decided yet

Today is Russell's little brother's wedding to the lovely Natalie. We wish them the best wedding day ever & a long and happy future together & we can't wait to Skype them later, especially Nats when she has her gorgeous dress on (that I helped choose). We really wish we could be there but the buggers booked it knowing we'd be away, we must be embarrassing at weddings or something:). We hope they have a brilliant day and a great honeymoon in Mexico! Love you lots Danny & Nats!

Congratulations Danny & Nats xxx

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