Monday, 23 June 2014

Weird Australia

Tiny man in a tree

Home and unpacked. Real life isn't all its cracked up to be.

Preparing for Glastonbury Festival is helping. I wrote the following three posts while travelling around Australia. Here is the first one. 

Winter is in June and the water drains anti clockwise in a sink. Wolloomoollo? Who came up with these? Fannie bay? Booby island?? The street names are just as funny, Batman Avenue!! There are more deadly snakes here than the whole world combined. You can't walk into a supermarket and buy alcohol. You have to buy it at designated stores called Bootle-O's. They have drive through Bottles-O's. Seriously. Drive through?! The beaches and oceans are beautiful but off limits in half of them. If you are not stung to death by box jellyfish the crocodiles will eat a piece of you (crocs in the sea?) You can't take alcohol into a hostel in Darwin but you can take it into the Sydney opera house (hidden in your bag of course). You can pick up a very drinkable bottle of wine for $5 which is the same price as a 350ml bottle of domestic beer. When the country was becoming a country the people in charge could not decide on which city should be its capital. Deadlocked between the two only real contenders - Sydney or Melbourne. They grabbed a map and put a pin in the middle of the two and that's how the tiny farming town of Canberra became the capital of Australia.

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