Saturday, 19 October 2013

Incredibly india - Munnar to Varkala.

The Journey out of Munnar was rough! The bus was beyond full & scathingly hot. The five & half hours did not fly by. We arrived back in Kochi where we were due to depart for Varkala in 4 hours. We decided to seek out some bars. Cat was not allowed in the first bar we found. "No women allowed" What?? Anyway, we found three more each one was better than the last. The train was comfortable thankfully. We enjoyed tea & all of the trains other delicacy's which included banana fritters. Catherine's first & probably last banana fritter. Arrived in Varkala & caught a rickshaw ride to the hotel. The driver starts with the usual "have you made a booking? I know another hotel much better". Very common trick here. As always we say we have booked & insist on being taken to the requested destination. The driver can not find the hotel, so we give him the phone number that we received on the booking confirmation email. He calls it & after some discussion we are told that the hotel is closed & fully booked & we should go to another hotel. Closed & fully booked?? I then spoke to the hotel & asked them to confirm my booking details to ensure I wasn't becoming another victim to the aforementioned scam. The man on the phone confirmed all the correct details & we then reluctantly agree to be dropped off at the new hotel. It was a nice looking hotel for sure. We later learnt that it costs more than double the one we had booked (and of course that was covered by our hotel). Picked up at 10am the following morning by a very apologetic hotel guy. Taken to our hotel. Which we both preferred instantly. WIFI in the room being the obvious advantage. The room is costing £1.54 pppn. How stupidly cheap is that!? I don't think we will ever leave.

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