Saturday, 19 October 2013

Incredibly India - Varkala

We selected Varkala as it is a coastal town & we have longed for a perfect beach from the beginning. Which is kind of strange as Cat doesn't like sand. She is forever quoting an Arctic Monkeys lyric "My name isn't Rio & I don't care for sand". The beach is almost perfect. The sea & sand is clean the sun is hot. There are few tourists here as the season has not quite started yet. The only things missing are sun beds & umbrellas. The black part of the sand on the Varkala Beach contains Thorium-oxide which is a radioactive substance. I am waiting for an extra limb to grow. Varkala is the only place in southern Kerala where cliffs are found adjacent to the Arabian Sea. Scores of restaurants & shops line the promenade above the beach. The only thing that out number the shops & restaurants are the hawks & eagles which sore above all day. India is the place to be for bird lovers.

I briefly mentioned our £1.54 pppn room in my previous post. It is great. I don't think we will ever move on. I might have to purchase a kettle & fridge though.

Breaking bathrooms. Easily the funniest slapstick comedy moment of our travels so far. Just finishing in the shower. Turning the taps off. The hot water tap suddenly breaks off in my hand I am then hit with extremely hot water. Like a fire hose! This scolding water is firing out of the broken tap at a 90 degree angle & I have no way of stopping it. While I quickly got dressed Catherine went searching for the man who works at our hotel but she can not find him anywhere. By now the room is full of steam. I open all of the doors & Cat rescues our electrical items. Catherine calls the phone number that she called the other day. I then go looking for the man. Soon enough I find him & another man appears as a result of Cat's call. The water is eventually switched off. The guys "fix" the tap with two bags & some string. The plumber came at 9am the following morning.

Quick question. Why do people come here and deck themselves out from head to toe in Indian clothes? They look stupid! Once again I am Reminded of Coming to America. Akeem wants to dress like an american to blend in. 

We will now be spending our time mostly on the beach eating coconuts with eagles & hawks soaring above.

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