Monday, 25 November 2013

Incredibly India - The one with the prison. Anjuna, Goa

First of all apologies for the lack of posts for so long, there is no excuse apart from we have either been having too much fun or feeling too rough to repeat what we've been up to on the blog.

We weren't too sure where to go after Palolem but decided on Anjuna after the accommodation options in other areas weren't so good. Since I have a morbid fascination with prisons, Prison Hostel seemed the perfect choice. Only downside - back to a dorm room :(. It did have AC though with was really needed.

I thought it would be funny to hide from Russell while he was in the loo. It was.
Steve & Kerry shared a very uncomfortable, scary & sweaty taxi ride to Anjuna with us but stayed somewhere else, in a private room on the main street.

The Prison Hostel theme was really good & they really went all out. As soon as you check in you get mug shots done, we were practising ours for a few days before we arrived. They then put them on their Facebook page for everyone to laugh at.

I've grown - I'm sure i was 5 foot 2 before we came away

This hostel is a proper party hostel, there aren't many proper hostels in India so it seemed every backpacker flocked to this one. The place was full, loud, crazy and a bit intimidating as everyone was already friends. We were greeted by an Australian guy called Brian with big dreadlocks who was super friendly. He was in the kitchen playing with fridge magnets making sentences out of random words, he really welcomed us and invited us to the beach (we didn't go) and he made us feel a bit more comfortable after being away from hostels & out of practice for so long. He found this hilarious & hearing it in a really strong Australian accent was very funny.

Incidentally, Brian wasn't even staying at the hostel, he had a room over the road but just came over to party with everyone.

I saw an American girl drinking Magners and immediately got directions to the shop (I haven't had a cider for ages). Steve took me on his moped & I bought 4 bottles. They were £2 each - in India? Are you sure?!

A bit like the post about Zagreb in Croatia there isn't much more to say about Anjuna. It was 1 massive party. Steve & Kerry came to our hostel with vodka and juices, a guy called Warren was making cocktails but then Russell made cocktails that were just as good. Brian sang every single word to Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport. We went on the back of mopeds to a beach bar till 6am and spent the rest of the next day in bed. We never even saw the beach in daylight hours!

Brian was undoubtedly the star of the show & it wouldn't have been as good without him. At the bar he even told some really funny jokes and did magic tricks - what a guy! Even as we were leaving the next day 2 hot blonde girls showed up looking for him. Haha 

After all this all 4 of us wanted a bit of a detox. Steve & Kerry had been zipping around Goa on their moped looking for nice beach areas but hadn't really found anywhere. We met for tea on the 2nd night there & we were early so we went into a little cafe and had a green tea. I read an Indian travel magazine which had listed the best beaches in India. In there was a beach called Mandrem which was quiet and secluded. Sounded perfect to me. Funnily enough, Kerry had also read about Mandrem in Lonely Planet so the decision was made - let's get the hell outta dodge & go to Mandrem and give our bodies a bit of a break.

All 4 of us had been really enjoying dosa's while in India but they're not easy to come by. They're only in the really traditional, authentic Indian 'restaurants', you won't really find them in tourist places. A dosa is like a pancake made from fermented rice batter and black lentils and filled with spiced potatoes, onions etc. Steve & Kerry's room was next to a place called Big Dosa so we met there for breakfast the next morning. My, what a big dosa (that's what she said). The 1L water bottle is next to it for perspective. It was only 69 rupees (69p)

So apparently that was Anjuna - great hostel, great party and never even saw the beach. Lets have a rest in Mandrem now.......

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