Friday, 29 November 2013

Incredibly India - The one with the pub crawl. Mandrem, Goa. The finale

For the title of this post I asked Cat what she thought of the title 'Mo Munnar Mo Problems', she said it was good but we were in Mandrem which is in Goa not Munnar in Kerala! I am forever forgetting where I am. What currency are we on now??

As Cat said in our previous post, we were all partied out. For 3 whole days we detoxed. Healthy food. Zero alcohol. Sterry (Steve and Kerry) managed 5 days!! We sunbathed and relaxed. Its was ok for a while. By the 4th day I was bored. My feet were almost fully healed and we took a walk along Mandrem beach to Alabama beach. Its "real" name is Arambol beach but I couldn't quite grasp that so I would just call it Alabama or Islamabad or any other similar sounding word that popped into my tiny mind. How is anyone supposed to remember all of these names anyway?

Google says its a 6km walk. It was so cool being able to walk like a normal person again. As we trotted along I noticed lots of beach shack/restaurant/bars. I would take a guess at 25. This got me thinking of the Otley Run. The Otley Run is a pub crawl in Leeds. The route follows Otley Road. We could do *the first ever Mandrem Run?! Anyway the walk took one hour. Its only a 45 minuter but I was dicking about with shells and star fish etc. We arrived on Alabama beach to find a full on rave. This was at 2pm! Turns out Alabama is a bit of a party beach so the pub crawl idea was really coming together.

The next few days were spent on the beach. One day we played cricket Sterry vs Crust. That didn't work out so we all just played against the batsman. Cricket on the beach was fun. I hit a six & Steve hurled a fast bowl at my ankle which opened up one of the scabs. Bleeding again, ha.

Saturday arrived and I had already told Sterry all about Otley Run & my idea for *The first ever Mandrem Run & they were well up for it. We agreed on a starting time of 13:45 which was a compromise between midday & 3pm. One drink in each place was agreed. Starting off with cocktails. Just a few basic rules - "Left hand drinking" & drinks should be "safe" at all times by being no more or less then one fingers length from the edge of the table.

To cut a long story short *The first ever Mandrem Run was a complete success. So much fun. We made it all the way to Alabama! I lost my flip flops & tried to sleep in a boat. 

The next day, surprisingly, no one had been destroyed by the pub crawl. We decided to go back to Islamabad Beach. After a few beers I hear Catherine laughing her head off & shouting my name from the bar. In each of her tiny hands were my barge like flip flops :) Later that night we made friends with some ex pats & headed to a house party.

We entered Mandrem with the mindset of the Jonas brothers. We left like the Rolling effing Stones! "It's all or nothing. There is no in between"

To use another quote. Catherine's FB status - "After 50 days of sun, sea, sand, various smells (good & bad), Kingfisher, crazy nights (& days), frustration, laughs and great new friends we leave for Bangkok tomorrow. India has been pretty awesome"

*To the best of my knowledge.

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