Friday, 21 February 2014

Bangkok - Part 2 - the one with the in-laws

We arrived back in Bangkok at about 6am at the Southern bus terminal, last time we were there on our way from Laos to Koh Phangan for NYE we easily got a metre taxi so we expected the same again - Wrong!
We were offered taxis for 400 & 200 baht but last time we paid only 90 baht so we went in search of a metre taxi which we got pretty quickly. Unfortunately, the taxi driver didn't 'get' us and after driving 2 or 3 minutes stopped and asked again where we were going. To make it easy we just said Khao San Road - that must be one of the busiest streets in Bangkok - he still had no idea so he stopped at a petrol station. It became pretty clear he had no idea so we got out & thought we'd flag a taxi down on the road. We quickly flagged a taxi and another driver who didn't know Khao San Road - we asked a street vendor for help - he didn't know it either. We asked them, "we are in Bangkok aren't we?" Obviously we were, what the hell was going on?! We found a guy in a cafe who understood us & he wrote it down in Thai letters for us, the next taxi refused to take us because of the traffic but the one after him agreed to take us for 200 baht - why didn't we just accept that taxi at the bus station about an hour ago for the same price? You can never tell what's going to happen in Thailand, even if you've done the exact same thing before.

We met Russell's mum & dad (Deb & Russ) at the hotel. We had booked a decent place with a roof top pool. We had already made a plan which consisted on taking Deb & Russ to our favourite temples, drinking on Khao San road & sunbathing. We have written quite a lot about Bangkok already so I have decided to mix it up a bit & tell the story with more pictures & less words.

On our first night out we went to Khao San Road and showed Deb & Russ the craziness of Bangkok night life. We went to our favourite bar - Kim's Cocktails where Russell's dad paid a woman to eat a scorpion and we all drank the Khao San Road special - buckets!

So as you can imagine the next day was planned as a hangover day where we wouldn't do much so Deb & Russ went to the pool - we just watched films in bed all day. We had a nice meal at our favourite restaurant - Rannee's and an early night ready for temple hopping the next day. We decided to go to Wat Pho & Wat Arun as they are both quite different from each other and both cheap to get in as well :)

First things first - Russ & Deb's first tuk tuk ride.

Then onto the temples.

At Wat Arun there are some crazy steep steps, people are petrified to go down them, there's always a gathering of people at the top trying to muster the courage to go down. It's quite funny really. With Russell's fear of heights I'm surprised he's done it twice now.

After the long day of walking round temples it was time for a pedicure - Russell's dad even joined in.

That night we decided to go out but stay around Rambuttri rather than Khao San Road. There's a really cool bar called Hippie Bar that is basically a VW camper van acting as a cheap cocktail bar. Very random night, I held a pet squirrel & a tiny chihuahua, a group of break dancers put on a right show in the middle of the street then we got served by a guy in a bar with a scorpion attached to his t shirt. Great night that was!

We all had a great night, it was so random and could only happen in Asia. Russ & Deb were just getting into the swing of Bangkok and we could tell they were loving it.

Another day by the pool & me & Russell went out to pick up a few bits & pieces we needed. We returned to some very bad news from Russell's brothers - his Grandad was really ill in hospital and it was not known how long he had left. After breaking the news to Russell's mum & dad we quickly booked them a flight home so unfortunately their time in Thailand had come to a very sudden & very heart breaking end. 

Russell's Grandad died that night, a great man and the man I have also called Grandad for the last 10 years. The whole family were devastated and still are, such a popular man people had to stand outside at the funeral. 

Rest in peace Grandad xx

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