Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Phuket. Shaken not stirred

Ferry over the Andaman sea back to Thailand. We have entered Thailand three times in two months. We then took a bus back to Phuket. Staying in Old Phuket town, Ghost town more like. When we were last in this part of Thailand we forgot about James Bond Island. Which is the reason for our return.

Rose ring made from three straws by a nice Thai lady.

The man with the golden gun was filmed here. The one with Roger Moore & Christopher Lee. It was worth the travel back to Phuket. The rock standing precariously in the middle of the sea is quite the sight.

The tour included three other islands. Soft drinks all day & a buffet lunch. The nice lady who booked the tour for us pre-warned the boat there was going to be a vegetarian on board, the lady on the boat asked who that could be so both me & Catherine raised our hands. There was nobody else so we had our very own buffet, sharing with nobody but each other and without strangers breathing and sneezing all over our noodles.

After James Bond & lunch we headed to Hong Island. Where some canoeing was awaiting us. No thanks. We laid our beach towels on the deck of the boat & caught some sun. Next up was Penang Island. Same again. More canoeing. Again we stayed put. Sun bathed & watched dozens of eagles circle above. Then an eagle feeding boat trip sailed up next to us. Dozens of eagles turned into hundreds. That was pretty cool. The fourth & final stop was at some bay. I have forgotten the name. Even though we hardly got involved with the activities. We had a fun day out. Again, doing what we wanted & not what we felt like we should. Besides all we were interested in was Bond's Island.

While on our travels. We had learned something a little interesting. Maybe a little weird. South Korean couples celebrate being together for one year by wearing identical clothes. When they have children the whole family wear matching clothes.

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