Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Singapore. Day three.

We were centrally located near Bugis Junction. It was a cool area full of boutique shops. Private A/C room for £25 a night, which was much lower than any other accommodation that we could find. Too good to be true? Yeah. We didn't have a bathroom. The website was a little misleading to say the least. The shared bathroom was down a long flight of stairs. Bit of a pain but no big deal.

I had found a well recommended South Indian restaurant online & hopped on the MRT to Little India. The restaurant was fully vegetarian & it had Dosas :D That alone would have been enough to make Little India well worth visiting, but then it also has all these technicolour painted shophouses. Sensory overload (in a good way) with the aroma of incense & spices permeating from the shops & houses.

This house was owned by a confectionery maker. I would imagine that he painted it with so many colours in order to make his shop stand out from all of the rest.

Dosa :P

Back on the MRT towards the bay. We first checked out Marina Bay which is a pretty impressive building. Hotel with a viewing platform above & a shopping mall below. If/when we come back to Singapore we will definitely stay at least one night here. There is an infinity pool which sounds amazing.

Like the Venetian Hotel in Vegas, there is a canal that runs the length of the building.

The Merlion. Head of a lion and body of a fish. Its kind of a Mascot. It personifies Singapore's heritage as a fishing village. 

The Science Museum. I really wanted to check it out but we ran out of time. Five days just is not enough time in Singapore. I am not sure if there is such a thing as enough time in Singapore.

With its awesome Domes, Supertrees & huge collection of flora from around the world, Gardens By The Bay is the newest national garden & it's pretty spectacular. Our dogs were barking after walking around all day for the second day straight. But I was determined to stay and watch day turn into night which is when The Supertrees come alive.

The Tulips were a work in progress.

Taking a break from the walk I found this embankment and great view.

The 'kids' area. Seemed like just as many adults were play fighting. Wish I knew about this before hand I would have been sure to bring a change of clothes & a Super Soaker.

Laying on the ground gazing up at these vertical plants with their light & sound show in full swing. I was oblivious to everything else around me. My gaze was broken when a 6 year old came within an inch of crashing into my head as she whizzed around the park on her scooter.

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