Sunday, 4 May 2014

Singapore. Day Four and Five.

Singapore has the coolest Chinatown we have ever seen. Home to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. It's an impressive looking multi storied temple that has Buddha's tooth encased in a golden box which can be viewed via video link on an LCD TV. Very strange. There is also this 'secret rooftop garden' & giant prayer wheel. I'd read about the 'secret garden' & it had a sign pointing the way. Huge secret. We got lost around level 3 or 4 & walked around places where I don't think we should have been. It was pretty cool. Unlocking doors and walking outside onto the balcony facing Chinatown's Food Complex. I could see people playing chess & others taking a nap on the tiled benches. We lit Joss sticks & made a little prayer. I always find the offerings to Buddha very interesting. Strawberry Fanta must be a favourite of his as half empty cans are always at these shrines. Skittles was a new one.

I read that Singapore can be a little uptight and the price of a night out was extortionate. But, there we were sitting on a bridge drinking a beer acting like we are back in Florence. Clarke Quay is where the night life is. We left the bridge and went to Hooters Singapore. Cat loves Hooters. I love deep fried pickles. Then we hit up Crazy Elephant which is a bit of a rock bar. We stayed there all night. Made friends with an Austrian couple and was bought a drink by a severely drunk Aussie. When the drunk left us, a table full of Aussies apologised on the behalf of the whole of Australia for their compatriot. He was a bit spitty. A wet drunk.

Sleeping till late for the first time in what felt like ages. I looked at my list that I made on my first night. We had just about seen everything that we set out to. We dragged ourselves out of bed and into the midday sun. Singapore is famous for its gardens & its easy to see why. I do not know what possessed me but I saw the greenest hill. And decided that I must roll down it.

Botanic and Orchid Gardens

Coolest Orchid. I nicknamed it Helena Bonhem Carter Orchid. As it looks like her hair. 

Just as we were leaving the Botanic gardens we could see a huge storm brewing. We stepped off the MRT at Bugis station to a huge thunder storm and took cover in the shopping mall. If you ever want to eat like a local here is where to do it. Everywhere I have been it has been the same. Local people eating in food courts in shopping centres.

Our time in Singapore was coming to an end and already began thinking of the things I want to do and see next time. But I will take it a little easier. We were both pretty knackered by the fifth day. Cat was too.

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