Thursday, 22 May 2014

Bali. Surfs up.

The beach is a little dirty. The sand has a muddy feel to it and the sea resembles the sea of Blackpool. But, the surf is good! Gnarly waves beat the hell out of me. I caught a few and loved it. My shorts and chest were badly damaged. Possibly by a shark. Possibly by the board.

We were about a month shy of Bali's peak season. For the first 5 nights we stayed in Kuta. It has a bit of a reputation. Not a good one. But I found it pretty tame. I am sure this was due to our early arrival. We did find one bar which suited us. It played rock music but also had an MP3 jack. On the first night it had a young hipster crowd. We partied with these guys for a bit and one of them played The Smiths through his Ipod. We had a good night. The local spirit is called Arak. Usually drank by the flask full. I would avoid this in the future.

I spent hours searching for the perfect place for Cat to celebrate her birthday. Before I began this tour I read a blog written by a couple. They were camping on his girlfriend's birthday. Before she woke up he filled their tent with balloons. When I finally found the accommodation that ticked all of the boxes I hoped Cat would like it as much as the girl from the blog. Oh, and we decided that after her birthday, we would go to Australia.

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