Saturday, 31 May 2014

Birthday girl in Bali

We arrived in Bali 5 days before my birthday and every day felt like a birthday to me. Russell worked really hard to make sure I enjoyed the last few days of my 20's. He bought me presents & a Shellac manicure & pedicure, we ate at places I wanted to go to & we basically did what I wanted to do. Great way to see out my 20's.

I knew Russell had booked a nice hotel for 3 days but that's all I knew. The day before my birthday we got a taxi to Mahala Hasa, as we approached the place looked like a secret hideaway, it had a very non-descript exterior but as we walked into reception I knew it was going to be good. We walked down a narrow winding path for ages, I felt like Alice in Wonderland, and we finally came to gate number 3. We walked through and I realised we had a private villa with our own pool! The downstairs was an open air kitchen area with a pool and sunbathing deck, there was even a downstairs toilet. Upstairs was a gorgeous bedroom with a massive en-suite bathroom. Above the bath & shower there was a window so you could see the sky & at night you could see the stars. This was definitely the best place I have stayed in my life.

That day we drank all the beer in the fridge, ordered more beer (a few times), ordered room service & went to the shop and bought beer, 2 bottles of prosecco & a bottle of red wine. Russell put my favourite songs on & I re-discovered my love of jumping in pools. I was seriously happy and couldn't have wanted anything more - it wasn't even my birthday yet!

The villa staff brought us afternoon tea with fried bananas & sorbet & took our order for breakfast which would be delivered the next morning.

After a great nights sleep in that massive bed I woke up to the phone ringing - the staff asking if they can bring breakfast. Russell got up & let them in then gave me my presents in bed. I got some ace stuff including a silver heart necklace, pink Moet champagne and a new purse which I needed since my purse was stolen in the Philippines.

After present opening I went downstairs to find the room & pool covered in balloons and a birthday cake with candles. I really like turning 30!

The rest of my birthday was spent drinking champagne, prosecco, beer, sangria & anything else we could get our hands on. It was a really really fun day & to top it all off we decided to go to Australia & applied for our visa online. Quite a way to spend a 30th birthday - bring on my 40th :)

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