Monday, 12 August 2013

Ljubljana, Slovenia.

As I began to write this post we were around 8 hours into a 13 hour coach ride in Croatia (supposed to take 10 hours).Travelling from from Pula to Split. What a scenic route we have taken. After sleeping on & off & reading half of "Zombie Survival Guide" by Max Brookes I thought I could make a good start on our Slovenia jaunt & then update the blog when I have internet connection later. 

Up until about 2 months ago I do not think I could have pointed Slovenia out on the map. But it was recommended & since then lots of other travellers have also told us how greater place it is.

The place with what appears to be an unpronounceable name. Ljubljana "Lube lee arna". Rhymes with lovely arnt a. And it really is a very lovely little place. 

Italians are not as bothered about crisps as us Brits. Mainly just ready salted was all that was ever on offer. 4 weeks of this & I was craving some  more flavours. Slovenia had a crisp with a secret ingredient. Chicken Power. How they managed to harvest the power from chickens is not clear but I doubt it is Vegetarian so I didn't get involved.

While we were eating some traditional Slovenian food (Turnips) a bird landed on our table. This cute little thing then proceeded to eat what was left of my bread. 

The guy taking the photo on the right was an Australian called Paul. He was on a Top Deck tour. Top Deck is a coach company ferrying Australians & New Zealanders around Europe in large 18-30 style groups. He was sat at one end of the restaurant & the rest of his group were at the other. Paul explained that it isn't called Top Deck its Top Dickhead! On the first night of the tour Paul told all of the group what he thought of them. He has had his own room ever since. Paul is the first and only Australian I have met with a sense of humour. He hated everything apart from drugs & strippers. Great guy. Actually he hated strippers aswell, he was going to a strip bar to take the piss out of them.

Slovenia has the most helpful locals we have come across in Europe. The tourist information offices were actually offering information to tourists!? They have free walking tours twice a day. The train station knew exactly what Hostel we were staying in & gave us the Hostels own leaflet with some very easy to understand directions. The Hostel we stayed in was a functioning high school dormitory during the school term. It had a bit of an eerie feel to it sometimes especially at night which I found pretty cool. They had a basketball court where Cat kicked my butt 3 times in a shoot out. 

One night we took the funicular lift to the top of a hill where this castle sits atop. We found another film festival within the castle grounds. Beasts of the Southern Wild was on that night. We walked around & marvelled at another great view. Picnic & vodka was enjoyed while dangling (a little too precariously for my liking) over the castle grounds. The film was a great little story about Hurricane Katrina & child neglect.

We took a 90 minute coach ride to Bled. It has a beautiful lake so clear & pure. Lake Bled - sounds like it should be the name of a Slayer album. We swam, bathed & hired a row boat shaped like a swan which was a bitch to moor up. The island in the middle of the lake with its church is like something out of a fairytale. Bled was what lifted Slovenia from a great little city break to something quite special.


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