Sunday, 18 August 2013

The one with the pub crawl

Forget first class. On the train from Slovenia to Croatia we were travelling feet class.

Funk Lounge in Zagreb, Croatia's capital. The best hostel yet. The people who worked there were really cool. The hostel had such a lively vibe to it. On the first night I spotted some French guys with an acoustic guitar & made a mental note of their faces for later. We drank & ate local food outside of the hostels bar. Cat had chavapi which she had written in her book to try when in Bosnia but it turns out all the Balkan area has this delicacy. The recipe differs depending on where you are but it is usually a mixture of beef & pork and various herbs & spices, it is really cheap aswell at about £2 for a serving that really fills you up. The red bit on the side is called agvar, it is another Balkan speciality made from red peppers, tomatoes & aubergine.

We spent the night talking to the other back packers. One in particular we travelled with in a mini bus from Italy to Slovenia & now we are staying in the same Croatian hostel. Wonder where we will see him next? I heard a northern accent illuminating from the bar. Like a moth to the flame. Anything that's not bloody Australian! Two guys from Liverpool. Turned out to be brothers inter railing around Europe for 22 days. The night grew late. Fancy doing something spontaneous? Pub Crawl? The brothers from Liverpool asked. I was changed & sat on the tram within 4 minutes. We met several other hostels in the main square. After making our introductions we walked to the city's bar street. In the first bar we were ushered upstairs. Apple or blackcurrant? Apple please. It was not apple. Tasted like crap! Now my idea of a pub crawl is obviously a little different to the ones they have here in Croatia. We only visited three bars. And the third bar was a club! Hey, we had lots of free shots (all were better than the first) & met lots of great people. So no complaints. Cat got talking to a guy who she instantly recognised as someone I would love. We spent the next half an hour doing Big Lebowski quotes & the rest of the night generally being a couple of film nerds. We were the last people standing & left the club but found that the tram stopped running at 5. Back to the club we go :)

The XL t shirt that came with the pub crawl - now Cat's nightie
The next day was spent largely in bed. We ventured back to the hostels bar & had a little food. Later we chatted to a couple from the north east. The dude looked the spitting image of Morrissey. Cat pointed out that he even sat & crossed his legs like Ol Mozzer. Him & his girlfriend had travelled for the past 6 months mainly around Asia & shared tips a plenty. I then spotted the aforementioned French Guys. In no time we were having a little jam. One of them showed me this cool French Gypsy lick which I have obviously forgotten. I then played my Terry Wogan song to a very unimpressed Morrissey look alike. 

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