Monday, 26 August 2013

Smelling good?

Problem - 

12 hour bus rides & hand washed clothes do not always leave you smelling like a bed of roses. The average weight of 100ml bottle of perfume is around 305 grams. As important a factor as the weight. The glass bottles are usually very bulky. Just think of the bottle lids alone on a Marc Jacobs. Gucci pour Homme weighs a back breaking 593 grams! I think its made of bullet proof glass. When your backpack is full of essentials like clothes, medication & tobacco. Humping the same weight as a pint of beer around the world seems a little stupid. Body spray is ok. Usually small & light, but lasts no time at all. 

Solution -

Airports, bus stations, shopping centres, department stores, train stations & high streets, basically everywhere will have at least one perfume/aftershave outlet. What do all of these shops have? Tester bottles. "Just browsing thanks" my reply is always the same to the universally identical looking sales people. In Italy, just for fun. I would only "test" fragrances that had a minimum retail price of 90 euro.  Chanel Allure Homme was probably my favourite.


  1. Hi Cat and Russ!
    Really enjoying your blog. You won't know who I am but I was temping at Barclays for a few months and used to see you two around the building. You seemed like my kind of people but I was always to shy to say hello! Anyway, take care during your travels and have lots of fun :)
    - MB

  2. Yeah I know you! Doc Martens & a Smiths top/dress. Definitely our sort of person :D

    Glad ur enjoying our ramblings.

    All the best Russ :)

  3. Haha, nice one!
    Bet you're enjoying your freedom from the office. I handed in my notice a few weeks ago and am now working in a tattoo studio. Not quite as exciting as travelling the world but not too shabby either :)
    Enjoy yourselves!