Tuesday, 20 August 2013


As mentioned on a previous blog UNESCO World Heritage sites are places such as a forest, island, lake, mountain, desert, monument, building, complex or city that is listed by UNESCO as of special cultural or physical significance. I had heard of this by reading travel blogs but was never really interested but after a few weeks I keep coming across these sites so thought it would be good to see how many I have been to & keep track of how many more we go to. 

This is a list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites we have visited. As we visit more we will update this page. More get added every year so we may be able to add some that we have been to in the past. Currently I have been to 28 & Russell has been to 21. The UNESCO site link is below which has a full list of the 981 sites


Barbados - Bridgetown - Cat
Belgium - La Grand Place - Cat
Bosnia - Old Bridge, Mostar Russ & Cat
Bulgaria - Nessebar - Cat
Croatia - Split Palace of Diocletian Russ & Cat
Croatia - Dubrovnik - Russ & Cat
Cyprus - Paphos - Russ & Cat
Cyprus - Chruches of Troodos - Cat
Czech Republic - Prague - Russ & Cat
Egypt - Pyramids - Russ & Cat
France - Mont St Michael - Cat
France - Notre Dame - Russ & Cat
France - Paris banks of the Seine - Russ & Cat
France - Lyon - Russ
Italy - Rome - Russ & Cat
Italy - Florence - Russ & Cat
Italy - Piazza del Duomo in Pisa - Russ & Cat
Italy - Venice - Russ & Cat
Jerusalem - City of Jerusalem - Cat
Spain - Works of Gaudi - Russ & Cat
Turkey - Istanbul - Cat
UK - Bath - Cat
UK - Westminster - Russ & Cat
UK - Tower of London - Russ & Cat
UK - Edinburgh - Russ & Cat
UK - Saltaire - Russ & Cat
UK - Liverpool - Russ & Cat
US - Grand Canyon - Russ & Cat
US - Statue of Liberty - Russ & Cat

On the site there is full descriptions of each of these, I have really shortened the title too. I may have missed some that we have been to but can't remember due to being too young or drunk ;)

My favourtie so far? Dubrovnik

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