Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Venetian Blinds

In July 2004 me & Cat discussed visiting Venice. The city of romance, the city of water, the city of whatever, the names go on.  Nine years passed by like a rocket. The lure of Venice diminished. I think it is fair to say our expectations were a little on the low side. Pessimistic? perhaps?

Turin to Venice is 265 miles or so. The journey was a fairly pleasant one. Only one train connection. We arrived in Venice around 3pm & were greeted with this view right outside of the stations main exit.

The main part of the city is very beautiful. Unlike any other I have visited. No cars, no buses, just boats & pedestrians. Its easy to see why the whole city is a World Heritage Site.

On our first venture into the city we had one aim. Get lost. No looking at maps. No sight seeing, tick the boxes bullshit. Walk around and immerse ourselves in Venice. 

We succeeded. 

We stumbled across this hive of pop up art galleries. First up was this independent non commercial raising awareness piece about floating "garbage patches" 

There are five huge patches of rubbish floating in seas around the world. The largest is the size of Texas!

There was a a red net full of bright plastic bottle tops emerging from one of the cubes, coursing over a nearby wall in the direction of one of the canals. 

Inside the second cube, was a video projected onto all of the walls. Swirling multi coloured circles. This was the floating bottle tops. Fairly disorientating. Made you feel like you were in a one of these floating islands.

My artistic contribution

Next was Zhong Biao's Visions. My new second favourite Chinese artist.

Paintings hanging from the ceiling.

I really enyoyed Biao's dreamlike world. After 3 weeks of Jesus on a cross it was so refreshing to see such colourful & vivid work.

After Biao's visions it was - Rhizoma (Generation In Waiting). Showcasing a generation of new artists from Saudi Arabia. Some artists are creating works specifically for the exhibition which has now been held all over the world. 

Lady walking round an ironing board with a pan on her head.

This lenticular photograph shows a traditional view of Mecca from one angle and a view of the city with new high rise architecture from another.

Over the water on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore
was Marc Quinn's 11 metre high inflatable statue "Breathe"

We then made the mistake of heading into some tourist traps, Rialto bridge & Piazza San Marco. The number of tourists crammed into such small streets was pretty horrendous to be honest.  The Piazza was very handsome but the bridge was just ok.

Basilica di San Marco

Rialto bridge

The Piazza. Another leaning tower.

Return of Zombie Gull!  

The Zombie Seagull plague is spreading! Rome was not an isolated incident. Another strange thing about this phenomenon is that both times we have witnessed these Gull on Pigeon attacks have both been at the city's busiest, most touristy attractions. Coincidence?

Some more nice pics of Venice

Passing cruise liner

80 what for a gondola ride??

Empty bottle of water that cost 1 euro. Filled to the top with an excellent red wine for 1 euro :D 

View from our evening meal. The restaurant was well priced as it was away from many of the touristy places. Found when we got lost.

Getting lost, throwing away the map was a great idea. I look forward to going back one day & getting lost all over again. 


  1. excellent blog, great pictures too I love your blogs x

  2. I love the view from the restaurant fab did you have tiramisu Cats?, I bet I know what your living room wall looks like in your new pad x Russell your contribution to the art work was great you missed your way or did you x The seagulls well I don't know what to say I have seen one recently eating a whole chicken goujon ha ha x Was the gondola 80 euros each or for the gondola, you will have to go back when your not on a budget.The main exit from the station is a bit different from other cities much better though.Take care look forward with anticipation to your next blog x

  3. We also love the fact you got lost me and Dad get lost everywhere we go and have fab times too , keep getting lost xx But take care ha Mums

  4. Yes had tiramsiu - food blog coming soon with the tiramisu final. It was 80 euros for the whole gondola but could only fit 5 in so would have been expensive even to share & not the same really x

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