Monday, 30 September 2013



Me & Russell really like cats, I did have to convert Russell but our lovely Cat Marilyn made the job an easy one. However, we no longer own Marilyn as our next door neighbour stole her by luring her into her house with sausages & chicken.

I had heard about the cats in Istanbul. They are everywhere but what is so cool is the locals look after them. The feed them and stroke them. This means most of the cats look healthy and they are pretty friendly as well. I have taken loads of pictures so thought I would put them on here.

Non cat lovers look away now

This cat sat on my knee for ages

A very pregnant cat that used to sit outside our hotel at breakfast because the owner gave her meat every day

I got this cat to sit on Russell's knee, she stayed there for about 20 minutes

2 kittens playing amongst rabbits & geese

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