Thursday, 26 September 2013

Street Art II

As we prepare to leave Europe I thought now would be a good time to share all of the street art photos I have taken over the past eleven weeks. The Panda above was on Istiklal. Istanbul's Oxford St.

Below is 'Rainbow Stairs'. First thought to be the work of gay rights groups but turned out to be the work of a retired engineer called Hüseyin Çetinel. He said his only aim was to “beautify his surroundings.” The stairs were soon painted grey by the local council (though they denied this at the time) In response to the graying, social media users organized an event to repaint the steps, & return them to their former glory.

Translates to 'Hand In Hand For Peace'

The following two are again on Istiklal

This is from a skate park in Bitola, Macedonia

Bologna was full of great work. The next 4 are just some examples.

What it lacks in artistic merit it makes up for in spirit.

The next two are from Florence. Any use of street signs gets top marks from me.

Ljubliana is up next. LJB is one of the richest cities I have ever visited for street art. It is everywhere. Next to the hostel someone sprayed "Fuck hostels sleep in the streets" it was too dark & big to get a good picture of it & the hostel had it removed the next day. Spoil sports. 

Translates into - 'Police everywhere anywhere right'

The next two are from Mostar. Inside of the old bank that became the sniper tower during the Bosnian war.

"We are lost" Brilliant. From Venice with love. 
This was in Turin. Probably my favourite. 'TV & your brain' Located opposite the Italian national TV broadcaster.

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