Sunday, 15 September 2013

Sunny Beach & Nessebar, Bulgaria

 As a kid I went on 3 summer holidays to Bulgaria, 2 of these were to Sunny Beach. I wasn't too keen on the idea of going back, it was ok but not what we're looking for on this trip.  However, after looking online for ages it was the only place on the way to Istanbul that was a viable option. Mainly due to accommodation. In Sunny Beach we got a nice hotel with a pool right in the centre for £7.50 pppn. When we were in Sofia I mentioned Sunny Beach to 1 of the hostel staff and she said "don't go there, it's horrible" so it's fair to say we weren't expecting much.

First impressions were exactly as expected, bit of a hole. The hotel was ace though especially for the price. 

I was looking forward to the beach as we have had all sorts of beaches on this trip but none with sand. Sunny Beach has plenty of nice soft sand. Unfortunately, it also has LOTS of umbrellas, children and rubbish so not what we wanted really but it was ok sunbathing for an hour or so.

Sand, at last!
We decided to try & have a night out, we had walked round the main area and hadn't found anywhere we wanted to go. So to make the horrid bars seem acceptable we drank a bottle of £4.50 vodka in our room and went out about 11pm. The first bar we went into we chose because it looked like a tiki bar. It was more like a lame titi bar. On the bar there were scantily clad girls dancing but with headphones on. No idea why they had headphones on?!

Check out the headphone wearing dancer in the background
It was clear we wouldn't like any bars in Sunny Beach so instead of walking round them all we took up a deal a club was offering. £6.50 each in and you get an hour free bar. We were on a mission for an hour, constantly at the bar ordering vodkas & whiskeys. I reckon we drank the most in that club. There were only 2 girls serving so it wasn't that easy to get served but they seemed to like us and we did pretty well out of that hour free bar.

Posing with bread, blame the £4.50 vodka
As is becoming the custom after a heavy night out we spent the next day in bed, there seemed like there was nothing better to do than stay in that lovely, air conditioned room reading, sleeping & watching tv on the laptop.

Due to staying in bed all day we decided to stay another day in Sunny Beach as we hadn't visited Nessebar yet & we weren't ready to leave that hotel room.

Nessebar is a small town very close to Sunny Beach, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is often referred to as Bulgaria's Dubrovnik. The old town used to be an Island but is now connected to the new town by a bridge. It is a really nice town and although I didn't want to go to Sunny Beach I was looking forward to visiting Nesseabr again. There are lots of really old ruins and walls and is a lot lot nicer than Sunny Beach.

We saw a sign for Eco Cocktail Bar and followed the sign. We were expecting a green bar with grass  and healthy drinks but we found a bar like a cave full of stalagmites & stalactites. I was a lot more impressed than Russell. The outside area had a waterfall and a little bridge.

Regular readers will have noticed we like a corn on the cob now & then, they are everywhere in this part of the world. Well, we found the best corn on the cob ever in Sunny Beach. Russell bought 2 within about 3 hours. It was fresh, tasty and the guy selling them put the right amount of salt on. All that for 70p - amazing!

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