Monday, 23 September 2013

Istanbul, Episode 2 - Breakfast in Europe. Lunch in Asia.

A Journey between Occident & Orient

Istanbul is a transcontinental city. The city straddles Europe & Asia separated by the Bosphorus strait. After our breakfast, we took an inexpensive commuter boat ride from Eminonu port on the European side & landed in Asia within 30 minutes. On arrival you would expect a "Welcome To Asia" sign. But you receive nothing of the sort. The Asian side of Istanbul was very much like the European side. Same street food vendors, same shops, bars & restaurants. The only difference I noticed was that it was a little cheaper. A Simit (think Turkish bagel) costs 1TL (30p) on the European side & is half that price on the Asian side. 

Ok, so the beers were not really our lunch. I just thought it was funny to say that they were. Our true lunch is below. Catherine's Chicken Kebab & my Cheese & Spinach Sigara Borek (Turkish pastry).

The Sigara Borek's only come in one of three fillings - cheese, potato or spinach. So this Sigara is my own invention. Instructions for a Cheese & Spinach Sigara Borek - Buy two boreks then eat the two as if they were one. I am planning on making a cheese potato & spinach borek next. Once I have it down I will post further instructions.

Like the rest of Istanbul there is an abundance of life here and there is always something beautiful to gaze at.

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