Sunday, 15 December 2013

Chiang Mia to Pai. The one with the million hair pin bends

Overturned truck on the side of the road. Desolate. There is a storm brewing in my stomach. Half way through the 762 hair pin bends. The mini bus ride from Chiang Mai to Pai is multimus vomitus (latin attempt)


I have named a couple of the bends - Vomit Drop. Barf Valley. This is truly one of the worst journeys I have ever made. The scenery was pretty cool. The roads and drivers not so much. Check out this sign from outside the shop where we stopped.

When we arrived in Pai it soon became apparent that we would have to take the same journey in reverse even though we were heading further north as there is no direct route to Chiang Rai. Damn you to hell! These guys are actually proud of this. You see it all over the town. On t shirts and everything.

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