Friday, 27 December 2013

Month 6 in Review

So I'm a week late with this - only just realised it was our 6 month travelling anniversary last Friday, obviously been having too much fun. Here's the review.

Places visited

Thailand - Chiang Mai, Pai & Chiang Rai
Laos - Pak Beng, Luang Prabang
Favourite place - This is a difficult decision between Chiang Mai & Luang Prabang. We loved both places but they were quite different. Chiang Mai had rock bars, lots of other bars, a balloon festival, zip lining, and ace veggie restaurant and it was hot.

Luang Prabang had surprises round every corner - we went out to do laundry and ended up climbing 300 steps to a temple to see amazing views. Luang Prabang also had great waterfalls, and a bear sanctuary which we loved. There wasn't too much night life as everything shuts early in Laos but there was a crazy bowling alley where everyone descends at about 11pm to party & drink £2.50 bottles of local (quite nice) whiskey. BUT, it was pretty cold on a night, I had to walk around in 2 cardigans! So let's call it a draw.

Best bits 

Zip lining was loads of fun, we were zipping round the Thai jungle for 2 hours, the scenery was ace, even the trek was good once we got past the hard part.

Sterry surprising us by turning up in Chiang Mai days earlier than they were due - they did a 36 hour journey just to see us. Awwww

Thai Boxing was a lot of fun. VIP seats so we were ringside, at one point I hand to put my had over my drink cos of all sweat flying at us. I didn't fancy drinking a Thai boxer's sweat.

The balloon festival was really cool too. Surrounded by hot air balloons. So close you could feel the heat from the open flames on top of the wicker baskets. Russell lit a cigarette from one which was pretty funny.

Bad Times 

I had a bout of illness in Chiang Mai - I (think) had broken my thumb so was taking  lot of painkillers which really didn't agree with me so I was puking a lot - plus having a broken thumb was pretty inconvenient.

The journey to Laos had bad bits, the border crossing was difficult and badly managed so we all ended up a bit tetchy with each other. The boat we were on for 2 days was so freezing, at one point me & Kerry were sat under the tables.

Best thing we ate

Russell's was the meat free Bamboo Bee burger in Chiang Mai. He loved it!

Mine was probably eggs benedict I had for breakfast in Chiang Mai. I ordered this as I had been really ill the previous day & hadn't eaten a thing all day so I thought it would make me feel better - it did! Funny how both of our favourite foods were not Thai at all.

Coming up in month 7 - Vang Vieng, Christmas, NYE back in Thailand & who knows what else :)

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