Thursday, 19 December 2013

Life of Pai

Pai is a small town in northern Thailand. It is pronounced 'pie'. Pai was really very busy. This was not what I had expected. After BKK and Chiang Mai, I was looking for a little quiet down time and Pai sounded very remote and tranquil. But, they had a reggae music festival the weekend we arrived. Reggae festival with zero Jamaicans playing mind :/ even with no Jamaicans the place seemed full to the brim.
As per usual me and Steve sat outside 7 eleven. Cats and Kerry ran around finding a place to stay. They wouldn't have it any other way. I would find the cheapest shit hole imaginable. They found an amazing riverside hut. The view was quite something. It wasn't cheap at 500 baht (roughly £10 per night) but it was worth it. We were living the pie life now baby. I thought it would amuse me and annoy everyone else to do pie puns as much as possible.

After checking in we dashed to the Wednesday night market. This market is on every night so why it is called Wednesday night market is beyond me. The street food in Pai is far superior to Chiang Mai. I had really been looking forward to the famous Chiang Mai street food. I was a little let down. Pai made up for it in leaps and bounds. Mushroom skewers, vegetable spring rolls and egg fried rice with tofu all rocked! They specialised in this sweet tea in a bamboo cup. It was a little too sweet, but the cup was pretty cool.

Of my puns, some of the hight(low)lights were - My favourite Bruce Willis movie is Pie Hard. I was crap at my job at the bakery so my boss PIEred me. What's your favourite Justin Timberlake song? Mine is pie me a river. Can someone please pie my shoe laces?

Seriously? How low is this ceiling?

On our third and final day we were supposed to hire scooters and explore Pai. The weather had different ideas. Torrential downpours stopped us in our moped tracks. Stranded in my beach hut, reading Hemmingway, windows & doors open so we could see the wonderful surroundings. I wasn't too disappointed. Sterry were more determined and embraced the conditions. Waterfalls, temples and hot springs were their reward. That night, the rain was unrelenting. We threw a riverside hut party. As always we had fun. Ninja Turtles were on special. My newest cocktail. Kiwi and grape juice with vodka. Seemed to go down well. Maybe a little too well.

Time in Pai had come to an end. Now we were to re-endure the worst journey known to man. The horrendous 762 high pin bend would have been a bit easier if we played a game of I pie. I need to stop this now or your gunna want to curl up n pie.

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