Saturday, 20 July 2013

Firenze part 1!

As you all know Florence started off on a bit of a low due to illness so we'll skip over that part.

The first thing to tell you about Florence is the house we stayed in. We found it on which is a website where people let their house, flat, apartment etc out short term. Generally if there are more than 1 of you staying there you can find accommodation at the same cost as a hostel. We stayed in a 3 storey house, the family of 5 + a dog called Dexter lived on the ground floor and they let out 3 bedrooms on the top floor. The middle floor had an extra bathroom & a kitchen with an outdoor terrace. For 2 of the 4 nights we had the place to ourselves but the other 2 nights were fine - we barely saw the other guests.

Outside the house

         Russell cooking up some pasta

The view from the shower

Pasta & wine on the Tuscan Terrace

Dexter - a very friendly dog. I commented on him to Russell and Russell's reply was ' yeah at 1 point he was sucking my elbow, he had the whole thing in his mouth'. Haha

The first thing we did when we felt well again was to follow a tip by a blogger called Adventurous Kate ( We went to a department store on the Piazza Della Republica and went right to the top where there is a cafe with a rooftop terrace with ace views of Florence for free!

We then had a long walk around Florence and took loads of pictures. It's a gorgeous town and extremely picturesque. There are lots of nice looking shops, bars, restaurants and gelaterias. 

Stay tuned for Firenze part 2 (and maybe 3)

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