Thursday, 18 July 2013

In the blue corner.......

Last night we saw something pretty shocking but also a bit funny when thinking about it now.

We were sat on the 10pm bus home waiting for it to set off. The driver's were changing over so the new driver was outside smoking (obviously, it is Italy!)

Russell saw all this kicking off (I didn't cos I'm a short arse). So in Russell's exact words - A 1 legged man in a wheelchair enters bus & asks (politely) a big fella in the disabled space to move but the big fella refuses. After some time the bus driver (outside the bus remember) intervenes & the big guy reluctantly moves. Man on crutches enters the octagon & a pushing grabbing match ensues. Within a split second a full fight breaks out between the big fella, the 1 legged man in a wheelchair & the guy on crutches.  Full panic breaks out with women & children screaming running from the bus. We make a safe exit & wait around for the next bus. 

This nonsense carries on for another 25 minutes with the big guy dragging the 1 legged man off the bus and throwing his wheelchair at him. Big guy was also using a broken crutch as a weapon - the crutch was broken cos the 1 legged man wrapped it round the big fella's head so as you can imagine he was covered in blood at this point.

As always Italian police were on the ball & arrived in  no less than 30 minutes! Well done police!!!

We have wondered whether we should post about this as we didn't want to worry anyone but we were both fine & never felt in any danger. All the locals were as shocked as we were so we really think this is out of the ordinary & not a reflection on Florence.

It was a perfect storm of 3 psychopaths on a bus

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