Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Not Italy's largest leaning tower

Yeah, I know right! Pisa isn't even the biggest broken tower these guys have. Crazy!

I expected to hop off the train & see the tower straight away. This wasnt the case at all. It was a 30 minute walk through Pisa town.

The tower's tilt began during construction. The ground was too soft. Surely someone said, you know what guys, lets just pack it in & build a bell tower somewhere else. Maybe the reply to that was, hey but we will get lots of tourist douchebags taking picks holding it up. 

The Baptistry of St John

Constructed on the same unstable ground as the tower this also leans but as you can see its no way near as drunk as the tower.

The best part of the whole trip to Pisa was the picnic. I'd made cheese & tomato sandwiches. As with all Italian food nothing is "just". These cheese & tomato sandwiches were made from some excellent fresh baked focaccio & the tastiest tomato I have ever had.

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