Thursday, 18 July 2013

Illness :(

We always knew we'd get ill at some point on this trip what we didn't know is that it would happen this quick, in Italy and be 100% our own fault. 
It all started in Rome, we were walking around for hours in 34 degree heat and we had bought a couple of bottles of water and drank them already. When we got to The Spanish Steps we saw a fountain like something out of a dream with people queueing up to fill their water bottles. 

I was unsure of whether this would be safe for us soft English folk as I had researched it beforehand and found differing opinions. However, the fresh, clean taste & stifling heat made us think this would be ok.

Guess what?! It wasn't ok!!

So, if there are any of you guys out there as daft as us and willing to drink water from a fountain in Italy to save money or just cos you can't be bothered finding a shop then don't. It really isn't worth it. 

Needless to say we have now stocked up on bottled water from the supermarket & will carry a few around in our cooler bag (thanks Mum) so we never feel desperate enough to do that again 

Oh, we lost half a bottle of this evil water in Vatican City, must have been some kind of divine intervention!

Just to end on a positive note we perked up in the evening and had a wonderful walk round Florence - it's like something out of a fairytale!


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