Tuesday, 16 July 2013

When in Rome...

We have completed the first leg of our adventure. Rome was brilliant, beautiful, boisterious, buzzing & definitely busy! 
Where to start? The end seems appropriate.
Our last night was spent in a very diverse & rather central area of Rome near the Vittorio Emanuele. We thought this was kind of Rome's version of Leeds' Kirkstall Abbey :)
We revisited the Trevi Fountain at night to see it all lit up. Unfortunately the pigeon eating seagull wasnt there this time but never mind the lights looked pretty cool.

Catherine throwing a coin into the fountain backwards & making a wish.

Here are some of the day time pics taken a few days previously with the aforementioned Zombie Seagull!

The previous days were spent relaxing at the poolside at the campsite or marathon sightseeing tours. My previous post was all about the Cappucin cript so I wont bang on too much about that but needless to say that was probably my favourite part of Rome. That or the Truffle risotto I had at the Trastevere. Wow, that was some tasty rice!

by the time cat got her camera out to take the pic this is all that was left.

Where Russell Crowe beat up Joaquin Phoenix
Poolside sunset

Typical Roman street.

Outside the crypt

Nice column near the Spanish steps
On the Spanish steps

This water came from a mountain or something. Very tasty anyhow.
Inside St Peters Basillica

View of Vatican City

Ciao for now!

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