Sunday, 19 January 2014

Ao Nang, Krabi - great beach & 1 mega crazy Thai dude

We checked out of our bungalow in Koh Phangan on 3rd January - we thought we'd need a few days of recovery after the full moon party. Our friend Gemma was meeting us in Patong, Phuket on the 7th January so we had to choose somewhere to go in between. In the end we decided on Krabi as it looked close to Phuket & easy to get to. So we got a boat & then a bus to Ao Nang in Krabi. 

We hadn't booked any accommodation we just thought we'd find somewhere when we got there. Big mistake. Everywhere in Thailand is jam packed at the moment & we were walking around in the heat for ages with our bags on looking for places to stay & all we heard was the word 'full'. Great! We decided to sit in a bar and Russ could run round looking for places while I looked after the bags since my toe was still really sore. We decided on Mr Long's, cool looking reggae bar with 3 gorgeous kittens & an awful yapping dog. We ordered a beer each & I asked who I assume to be Mr Long if he knows of any rooms, his answer? I have 1 room. Ace. Good price. Grim room, very grim shower room but it'll do.

We decided to celebrate finding somewhere with a Subway - another big mistake. Worst Subway ever. Stale bread - really crap. Anyway, I decided to go to the clinic nearby & ask if they had an x-ray machine as I still hadn't had the x-ray the Dr in Koh Phangan said I needed. The "Dr" examined my toe & said it is dislocated but it can be fixed from the outside with a splint. I asked if I could do this myself & he said no so he put it in a splint & charged me £40. He then told me if I go swimming I'll have to put it back on myself?! Does that make any sense to anyone? I asked if I could do it myself and he said no - another con by the Thai medics.

We went out that night to sample Ao Nang's night life which was good, we had a lot to drink including shots & I think we got home around 2am. The next thing I remember is a crazy Thai guy barging into our room trying to kill Russell because Russell accidentally knocked on his door thinking it was ours after using the toilet - we think this guy lived there & was the owner's son. I kept them apart but got a bit hurt in the process but it was really crazy and a bit scary.

Our regular order of 2 big Changs a tequila & a B52
Next to Ao Nang there is a gorgeous beach called Railay Beach (pronounced Riley), to get to it is a short water taxi ride away so we thought the next day we would go & if we like it move over there, I had had a quick chat with crazy Thai guy and he apologised so we thought we were all cool by then but Russell was still pretty angry about it.

We got up & went to Railay Beach. It really was gorgeous, we were just deciding where to sit when we bumped into Kev & Charlotte who we briefly met on the bus on the way to Krabi. They had picked up a cool German guy along the way called Toby (Tobias but Toby is easier) and we had a great day on the beach drinking Chang and messing about, we stayed there till the last boat home at 6pm. You can stay on Railay beach as there are plenty of hotels, bars & restaurants but it it expensive and the boat kind of stops in the middle of the sea so I didn't fancy carrying my backpack over my head in the  sea. 

We had obviously told the story of what happened the previous night but we had decided to stay there anyway. We arranged to meet Kev & Charlotte in a nearby bar that night. When we got back to the room the crazy guy was there & going crazy again shouting at Russell for waking him up while his Mum was slapping him in the face trying to stop him, what the hell?! We said we'd stick to our plan & meet Kev & Charlotte and had a good night with them and then obviously we wanted to leave Mr Long's the next day.

Kev & Charlotte
I found a nice hotel at more than double the cost but we checked in there anywhere and it was lovely, air conditioning, private bathroom, no crazy guys trying to kill my husband - what a treat!

We didn't do much else in Krabi but relax and await Gemma's arrival - we knew we'd need to be fresh for when she appeared.

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