Saturday, 25 January 2014

Koh Phi Phi. The one with the beach

From Whore Island we headed to Koh Phi Phi. The drunken injuries were really starting to mount up. I blame the stupid  boat trip on NYE. If I still had those Converse I would not have been forced to party in flip flops for a week. Flip flops which were too small.

Gem, Kev, Cats & myself all booked into the same place & rented bungalows. After some balcony pre drinks (Ninja Turtles of course) we headed into town. We booked a day trip for the following day. Couple of stops then ending at Maya beach aka "The Beach".

We played beer pong. Cat & Gemma were really bad. Or really good depending on how you look at it. I mean, they got to drink all the beer so we lost I guess. Over the following few days while flicking through some photos we found these beer pong pics.

Quite the photo bomb.

After the bars close on Koh Phi Phi everyone heads to the beach - it's like a mini full moon party every night complete with fire skipping ropes.

The best day trip I have ever been on

The first stop was Monkey Island. I could have done without this. Monkeys are far too similar to humans. Ill natured, rude creatures. Then we headed to a place called Shark Bay. We all jumped off the boat for a soothing swim in spite of the fear invoking name. Then it was time for some snorkelling, Never overly impressed with the goggles & snorkel. To my surprise I was pretty much blown away. Loved it. The fish were amazing. So colourful & of all sizes. Somehow Cat was able to name some of them. Parrot fish, big parrot fish etc. She might of been making it up. Nobody found Nemo :( While jumping off the boat Cat forgot to let go & ended up smashing her arm into the side of the boat. Another impressive bruise. I think we may be turning into one another. Poor lady.

We then headed to Maya beach. I was sat on the bow really enjoying the ride when I spotted some Flying fish. Chasing the boat it seemed. Maya beach is where the 2000 movie The Beach was filmed. It has since become a national park. 

The sand was as soft & white as a cloud. The beach was by no means deserted but still I found the place very tranquil. I could have stayed here for days. If only we had tents.

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