Monday, 20 January 2014

Patong, Phuket. Or as I like to call it - Whore Island.

Like with Koh San Road in BKK there is plenty of night life here. But unlike Koh San Road, there are lots of ladies of the night. Where as BKK does have its fair share of prostitution, it's not in your face. Its not everywhere. Even for the seasoned Thailand traveller, Patong can be a bit much. 

In any case I had fun with Cats, Kev & finally upon her delayed arrival, Gemma. That first night was Gemma-less. Obviously not going into the Titty Twister which was on the main strip. I have seen From Dusk til dawn, it doesn't end too well for its patrons. We went to a rock bar (shock horror). There was an AC-DC cover band playing. They were pretty good. Cat is a mental. She went to the loo & turned her AC-DC top inside out. Just in case the band came up to her & expected her to be an AC-DC super fan. She is a fan but no super fan. Paranoid or what? 

King Kong holding the monitors = cool rock bar.

We all booked the same hotel. It was a Korean style capsule & sauna hotel, which is a new one to me. The saunas were rather like a sauna. The freezer room was freezing. The chill out areas were pretty chilled out. The capsules though at first were kinda quirky & something new, became very old very fast. They called it a "hotel" the capsules had a tiny blind for privacy. It was a dorm room. It is a hostel plain & simple. But unlike other hostels check out all this dope free shit they give ya - toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, razors, cotton wool, irons (like who would iron clothes anyway?) massage chairs, gym, saunas, big ass tv's. The list could go on and on.

We were supposed to meet Gemma at the hotel at about 6.30pm with a beer ready for a night out. Even after 2 flights we knew a few vodka red bulls & Gem would be up for it. Unfortunately Gemma had a bit of bad luck. Her 1st flight was overbooked so she transferred to another airport, then got on a flight to Phuket that was stopping in Kuala Lumpur so it looked like she'd get there around 11pm but then she got kicked off the plane in Kuala Lumpur as they should never have let her on that flight so she had 15 hours sat in KL airport. She arrived at about 6am the next morning, she told us to wake her up the minute we are up - no surprise, by the time we woke up Cat went to the shower room & Gemma was already up & showered ready for the beach.

Beach day. This is not my idea of a Thai beach. Railay beach was a little busy but still plenty of room & the views were excellent. This hell of a beach was just jam packed. I was back in Bulgaria's Sunny Beach. Row after row of sun beds, people trying to sell you knock off crap one after the other. But once again, I had fun with Cats, Kev & Gemma. Taking it in turns running to the shop over the road for Chang beers. Spent plenty of time catching up with an old friend in the sea & sun. 

On the beach that day we were presented with plenty of options for our night out. We ended up opting for the 2 hour open bar. With the promise of being able to play our own music & that there would be no prostitutes.

The night can be quickly condensed into - kebabs, kittens on pool tables followed by buckets a plenty at the open bar. Taken home by my wife shortly after midnight. Quickly dumping me in my MDF capsule & running back out to meet Gem & Kev. That night was a bit of a crazy one for all of us I think.

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