Friday, 31 January 2014

Penang, Malaysia.

Ten hour train journey from KL. Arrived in a place with a humorous name. Butterworth. This name was left behind from the British colonial days I assumed. We spent the night here & in the morning caught the commuter ferry to Georgetown. No accommodation booked we hopped on to a free bus which circles the city. Jumping off at what appeared to be & turned out to be the city centre. After walking around in the midday sun & checking out a hotel which was obviously far beyond our budget (£800 over the budget). We settled on a place which was in fact the first hotel we enquired at.

Malaysia has some pretty cool street artists.

What a month we have had. Detox time once again. It was needed. We were both pretty broken. After a couple of days rest we then took in a couple of the city's sights.

Creepy beautiful graveyard.

Apparently conservation works were undertaken to protect and preserve the site. I found no evidence of this. Upon our entrance we passed some newly weds. The photographer warned us about snakes. Snakes! cool. He also asked Cat to take a picture of him, he climbed onto a large coffin shaped gravestone, laid down and smoked for the picture - Goth!

The old protestant cemetery is the final resting place of many of early Penang's most influential residents, including its founder Captain Francis Light and was first established in 1789.

Penang hill. Another funicular lift. I dont know what it is about the word funicular but it enrages me.

No horseplay damn it!

Maybe it was the detox. But, I found Penang really boring. There didn't appear to be anything worth doing. Certainly nothing more worth staying for. There was a less than appealing beach not too far away from what we had read & what people had told us. We decided to head further north to Langkawi. It is quite touristy & the beaches were said to be fairly nice. Underwhelmed by KL & Penang. Third time lucky?

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