Friday, 17 January 2014

The one with the full moon party that wasn't a full moon. Ko Pha Ngan

Knackered from the 53 hour travel day we tried to check into our beach hut, The "receptionist" asked what it was that we wanted? Why are you here? Erm you have a hotel & we need a room, you idiot! What the hell do you think I want!? And we have a booking. Douchebag.

The plan - healthy living leading up to New years eve. The result - drinking with Vicki and Chris and their new cool Germans friends all night, on the 1st night!

Vicki & Chris had told us about this excellent bakery next to our bungalow run by a French couple. They do amazing breakfast. They were right - we ate breakfast there every day. As Russ was in bed most of the time I (Cat) am writing this as sometimes I would go myself and get take away so I had more experiences there. You had to get there early - by 11am almost everything had run out. We used to get egg & grilled tomato sandwich on the freshly baked bread of the day, seriously amazing. The only issue - the French guy who owned the place - Seb was a bit scary. It took me 2 days to dare ask for the wifi password. When you arrived he would say "We'll come see you when we have time". Customer service at it's finest. He reminded me of the Soup Nazi from one of the best Seinfeld episodes - if you haven't seen this I highly suggest you watch it. Basically a soup joint opens in NY & the soup is the best ever but the guy who runs it is very strict with the ordering process & if you get it wrong - "NO SOUP FOR YOU". What's really weird is that on the last day Seb was really nice & chatty - his bird Cat (not me - his bird was called Cat) must have made him happy the night before.

The full moon party is at Haad Rin which is a bit of a scag den so we stayed right at the north of the island in Mae Haad. We had a really nice bungalow with a hammock on the balcony which I loved. Russ loved the air con. Over NYE & full moon party this was a bargain at £20 a night.

Our bungalow was right on the beach and from the balcony you could see an island, at low tide you could walk to the island, it was a pretty cool thing to do. The sea was a bit choppy that day so I was nervous about our camera but it was ok in the end.

We rented a Jeep. We had some serious off road action that day. Got completely lost. After some waterfalls we ended up way off course and on a deserted beach.

Running out of petrol. Giving this hitch hiker a ride back to his ped. Who was clearly very high on something or other. Getting stuck up a sand/mud hill. Using fallen palm tree branches for extra traction. What fun that day was. Until Cat decided to jump off the back of it and damaged her already badly damaged toe. Catherine assumed that Vicki was parking in the middle of the street and began her descent. Vicky of course was not parking in the middle of the street and started to turn right. By now Cat's feet were on the ground both hands tightly gripping the back and I was looking out of the window in horror shouting - what the hell are you doing??? She was basically dragged along on the road after never really letting go of the jeep until she could no longer keep a grasp. Laid in the middle of the road now. Almost star fishing. I jumped out of the car to help her up. Thankfully not too hurt. Looking back this was fairly funny. At the time I was truly horrified.

At the full moon party with everyone in a benevolent mood. I was missing something. My wife. With forty thousand revellers things got a little crazy. Meeting points were surrounded by painted loons. It was a little too crowded lets just say that. We were all together for some dancing and of course the New year countdown. Followed by a firework display which for reasons unknown to me Cat felt the need to let out a cry of joy. Actual tear drops? Women confuse 

As the title suggests. It was not a full moon. The original full moon party was held in the mid 80's & originally was held as the name suggest only once a month. The popularity of the monster grew & there is now a full moon party virtually every week. Sometimes they are referred to as half moon or black moon. One is even held off the beach & in the jungle.

There were some boats all heading to a smaller island where Vicki, Chris & the cool Germans were going to a party called Eden. Last minute decision to join them we climbed aboard this tiny skiff which was way over crowded. The sea was extremely choppy.

I fell overboard. Sitting how I was instructed to. On the edge of this jam packed piece of crap. Near the bow. I fell backwards. Scuba style. Phone & money somehow survived. My green Converse left my feet & are right now either swimming around the Gulf of Thailand or being worn by a very lucky and cool fisherman. Never got to Eden. Lost my friends again. Shoe less. The full moon party was living up to all of my expectations. Eventually found Cat and headed back. Back on this death trap of a boat. Cat's toe had begun to really hurt & so we headed to a 24hr clinic. I fell asleep on a couch after finding some salt & vinegar Kettle chips. Winning! 

Cat's diagnosis was - it may be broken. Get an x-ray. Yeah. No shit sherlock that's why we are here. X-ray machines are not that easy to come by apparently so a car was called. Hours passed with no driver in sight & then Cat was given another diagnosis of it could be tissue damage take pain killers that cost £60 & see how ya get on - sounded like a massive con so we left. We headed home at 9am still shoe less. My feet are still black from that night.

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