Friday, 17 January 2014

The one with the 53 hour day

Christmas songs had finally come to an end. See ya next year Kirsty MacColl. Farewell Sterry. Partners in crime forever. Man those guys rule! And so began our journey from Vang Vieng Laos to Koh Phangan Thailand. This was on 27/12/13 at 9:30. Now, This happened 3 weeks ago so things do seem a little hazy. bus rides, some were VIP Guns and Roses style. Some were not. Long lay overs. 14 hours in Koh San road was the largest. I am beginning to know the place like the back of my hand! Half way through I did look like the above pic of Peter Griffin though.

Each of the seats had their own TV's. I watched Nirvana live. Very loud not knowing the ear phones that were fully plugged in did not stop the speakers on the chairs pounding out Vana.

In BKK the bus station had no tickets to offer our poor 5am eyes. Go to Koh San Road and speak to travel agents who had already scalped all of the tickets was our only option. With a Brazilian tag along we headed back to Satans belly. Stone cold sober 5:30am on Koh San Road. Eugh. Humans they are not. Which probably means I am not? No forget that. There is no way I am like that!

Waiting in Macdonalds for two hours until the travel agents opened  is not my idea of fun. Feeling imperceptibly sleepy we checked out a few agents and with some obligatory stress we were able to get the tickets we needed. BUT it didn't depart until late in the evening. OK so lets score a discounted room. Pay by the hour? No joy. On Koh San Road there is no pay by the hour type motels apparently. How strange. Unable to get a deal on a room we fell asleep in a bar and Catherine lost her cardigan. Visited a cool little back street restaurant called Ranees for the 5th time and ordered some take out for the next leg of this ridiculous marathon.

29/12/13 14:30 we finally arrived in Koh Phangan. I think a boat was involved. 53 hour day? Pfff nothing. We are at the home of the full moon party. Meeting back up with Vicky and Chris. bring it on!

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